SunShine Blogger Award

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Hello there,

Welcome to BlogWithMise. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog, I really appreciate it.

I was recently nominated for the SunShine Blogger Award, which I’m very excited about! I know at some point or another most bloggers have been nominated but I never thought that I would be.  I’m really grateful that I was nominated by Simply Millie. She’s a new blogger, so go show her some love!


Here Are The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you and link their blogs.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers you think deserve this award and write them 11 new questions!
  4. Display the Sunshine Blogger Award photo on your post and/or blog!


The Questions:

1. What made you start blogging?

My Dad planted the idea in my head a few years ago and it’s been in my head since I started a few months ago. I wanted my own space where I could write whatever I want and express my own opinions.

2. What’s your favourite book and why?

I’ve honestly so many favourites, it’s so difficult to choose!

3. What’s your favourite go to snack?

At the moment I’m into popcorn. I usually go for butter over salt, but I don’t mind either. It’s not a very healthy snack, but sure we don’t have to be healthy all the time.

4. Who inspires you?

A lot of people inspire me, yet again there’s no particular person. My mom, Irish makeup artists/ YouTubers and Irish women in the entertainment industry, would be the main people (do you see a pattern?)

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Hmm, this is a really hard question! It depends on so many things, but if I had to leave right this very moment I think I would go to… London, but only for a couple of years and then I’d probably come back home.  It would be just to see what it’s like to live outside of Ireland, in a country with so many different cultures.

6. What are your coping mechanisms for stress?

I get really stressed over the smallest of things and you would think that I would have found a way to deal with it but, I haven’t. If anyone knows any ways that work for you please let me know as they may also work for me!

7. What’s your favourite sweet/chocolate bar?

My all time favourite chocolate bar is a Happy Cow Milka bar. They only cost €1 in the shop near my school too. If you’ve never tried them you NEED to, for the price you really can’t go wrong.

8. What’s your go to genre of music and why?

This really depends on the mood I’m in, what the latest releases are etc. I’ve been loving hip-hop/ rap recently, as I’ve been listening to Nikki’s Minaj new album Queen.

9. Where do you like to shop for fashion?

The main shops would be J.D Sports, Penny’s and Pretty Little Thing.

10. What’s your favourite memory from your childhood?

I think it would have to be the visits to my Nanny’s and Granddad’s when I was younger. I never liked the 3 hour car journey to get there, but I have so many good memories of happy times there.

11. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them, if not, then what is your favourite animal and why?

I do have a dog. Her name’s Ivy and she’s almost 4 years old. She’s a miniature Jack Russel and I love her to pieces. She’s a really quite dog and sleeps so much, more than me!

Bloggers I’m Nominating:


My Questions:

  1. Which do you prefer doing for your blog posts, writing them or taking photos and why?
  2. Do you take your own photos for your blog or does someone else do it for you?
  3. Who’s your favourite artist and/or band?
  4. What’s your favourite country in the world?
  5. If you had a chance to meet one author who would it be?
  6. What’s your favourite animal?
  7. What languages do you speak?
  8. Have you ever signed up to a subscription box and if so which one?
  9. What’s your favourite season?
  10. What’s your all time favourite brand?
  11. What’s the worst movie that you’ve ever seen?


Have you ever been nominated for a competition? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you can find the links here.

Slán, Laoise xx



Review: Mario Badescu 50th Anniversary Edition

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Hello there,

Welcome to BlogWithMise. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog, I really appreciate it.

I recently purchased the Mario Burdeasu Anniversary Set from BeautyBay. I ordered it on a Saturday and on Sunday had received confirmation that it had been displaced. It arrived that Thursday. This is my first purchase from this brand, I’ve never tried anything before from them.

I bought it because I have wanted to try the drying lotion for the longest time. I’ve heard so many people rave about it and the spot treatments I’ve used in the past, just weren’t  doing their job anymore. I purchased it in the set, as it was a better deal than if I was to buy all the products individually.

I’ve had the products for over a month now and I’ve been using them quite regularly. I waited until now to do this post, as I wanted to be able to give you a good idea of what I think of them.

Just to note, I find it really useful how on each product it says which skin type it’s for. It makes it a lot easier when choosing products.

Break down of the prices:

Enzyme Cleansing Gel- €15.25

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater- €8.25

Drying Lotion- €17.95

Sliver Powder- €14.75

Flower and Tonic Mask- €20.75

The total of purchasing each of them individually is €76.95

The total cost of the set is €36.75

I always recommend looking at sets, even if they are meant as presents, it doesn’t matter, the cashier or sales assistant, will never know!


To apply the drying lotion you dip a cotton bud into it and dot it where it’s needed. I know it’s almost like an instinct to shake it, but DO NOT! It won’t work if you do that, the pink powder, must be settled at the bottom.

After it drys, it goes hard, like a mud face mask. I was quite surprised by that as I didn’t expect it. It stayed on really well throughout the night. I did notice that with certain spots it did sting a bit, or had the sensation that you needed to scratch it. To remove the next morning, I just used my toner. Again with slightly larger spots it did hurt to remove the product, but other than that there was no problem. I did notice that smaller spots on my forehead had shrunk.

It looks like a small amount in the bottle, but not that much is needed. Oh just a warning, the bottle is also made of glass, so I personally won’t bring it travelling.

That’s my dog in the background, I mentioned her here, if you want to know a bit more about her.

The other product I really wanted to try was their facial spray. They have 3 different scents, but the one showed above is the original. I did find the rose scent was very strong, so I won’t recommend this particular one if you’re not a fan of roses.

I use this spray before my base makeup and after each layer of powder products, I use it to melt all the products together. I don’t go too crazy with it, as I don’t want to waste it. It’s not something I feel that you need to have, but I do like it and would like to try the others in the future.

I have used the face mask a couple of times and I quite like it. It’s quite thick, so you don’t need too much of it. You would get a decent amount of uses from the tub.

It absorbs all my oils (I’m an oily gal!) and also reduces some of the redness around my spots. I find it difficult to reviews face masks, unless I’ve used around half the tube. Is anyone else like this? I guess the more masks I use the more I’ll figure out the good from the bad.


The other 2 products are the enzyme cleansing gel and the sliver powder which I have yet to try. I’m waiting until I have my current face wash used up, as I don’t want to irritate my skin, by using loads of new products at once.  I haven’t used the sliver powder, as I’m not quite sure when is the best time. When I figure that out, I’ll update my Instagram, go give it a follow so you don’t miss out.

What do you think of this review? Would you like to see more in the future? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Insta and Twitter, you can find the links here.

Slán, Laoise xx

3 Outfits I wore Camping on Holidays

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Hello there,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check my blog out, I really appreciate it. I’m terribly sorry I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, I’ve just been really busy. I honestly thought I would have more posts up this summer, but that’s just exception vs. reality, I guess.

A couple of weeks ago I went on holidays to France and Brussels. We flew over to Brussels and rented out a van that you can stay in. Then we drove down through France over to Bordeaux, which is where we flew home. We stayed in camp sites along the way.

Just one last thing, before we get into the post, I was planning on keeping this blog anonymous, for as long as I can. Now, I’ve decided not to, you will see what I look like from now on, which kinda scares me! There will be posts in the future where you can see my face more clearly.

Ok, now that I’ve given you all a small update, let’s get into it.

I only have 3 looks to show you all today, as I kept forgetting to take pictures and sometimes I just wore whatever. I thought I’d still post them, so you can hopefully get some inspiration or just an idea of what to wear if your stuck.

The sunglasses I’m wearing in all these pictures are from Superdry. I can’t find them online, as these are prescription, yeah shocker I wear glasses.

Tank top is from F&F clothing a few years ago, it was part of a two piece. Shorts are €11 from Pennys

I think this is the only pink item I own in my wardrobe. I decided to leave the car in the background, so you can get an idea of people’s set-up, if you’ve never been camping (that’s not my tent or car btw). This was taken in Brussels and was during the heat wave, hence why the grass is all dry. I’m sure you already guessed that as we’ve all been through it at some point.

Hat is from Addias, bikini top is from BooHoo (smiler), shorts are from Pennys

In all the pictures that were taken of this outfit for some reason I’m not smiling. I think I just somehow forgot to, anyone else do that?

T-shirt (No Logo Please) is €3 from Pennys, skirt is from BooHoo

I’m hoping to do more of these posts in the future, and you’ll get a better idea of my style. I just brought clothes that I wouldn’t usually wear at home with me on holidays, anybody else do that? I’m also going to (fingers crossed) have better pictures.

Would you like to see a blog post in relation to camping? I know there’s a good few people out there who have never been and it could be helpful for you. Let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram and Twitter, you can find the link here.

Slán, Laoise xx

20 Things to do Before I Turn 20

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Hey there,

Welcome to BlogWithMise. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check my blog, I really appreciate it.

Todays post is a bucket list of things I want to have completed before I turn 20. If you don’t know I’m currently 15, 16 in a couple of months. I’ve about roughly less than 5 years to try and do them. I’m going to list them in no particular order, as I can’t predict which order I’ll complete them in.

  1. Go abroad on a holiday with my friends
  2. Pass my theory driving test & practical driving test
  3. Purchase my own car
  4. Stay somewhere on my own, such as a few days in Dublin
  5. Go to a concert with only my friends – no parents!
  6. Complete my Leaving Cert. (L.C)
  7. Go skiing in a foreign country, like Italy
  8. Go paintballing
  9. Do any type of volunteer work
  10. Watch a sunrise first hand
  11. Live abroad
  12. Travel abroad to watch an Irish team play a match for any sport
  13. Get a DNA test and discover more about myself and my family history
  14. Go on a road trip around America or just even go to America
  15. Vote!!!
  16. Go to a festival
  17. Get a tattoo
  18. Get a henna tattoo
  19. Have a conversation in Irish with someone who doesn’t speak it
  20. Watch a horror movie

I know this list isn’t the most crazy, but I wanted to put things that I’m more likely to complete. When I turn 20 I’ll do a follow up post to see if I can tick them off.

Have you ever written a bucket list before? Let me know in the comments what you included in it. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Insta, you can find the links here.

Slán, Laoise xx

Review: P.S Berry Velvet Eyeshadow Palette & P.S The Nude Edit Liquid Lipsticks

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Hello there,

Welcome to BlogWithMise. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check my blog out, I really appreciate it.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this palate and set of 4 liquid lipsticks from Pennys. Now the reason this wasn’t written and posted earlier was because of procrastination, a dear friend of mine.

Just a heads up that there’s going to be more pictures than usual on this post.

I picked these up as they reminded me of the Huda Beauty Obsessions palette in Mauve and I think the lip set is the most similar to the Au Naturel Nudes liquid lipstick minis. I unfortunately don’t own anything from Huda Beauty, hence why I bought the Pennys version.

How Much do They Cost?

P.S Berry Velvets (9 shadows) eyeshadow palette – €3.50 – €0.33 each

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions palette – €28.14 – €3.12 each

P.S The Nude Edit (4) liquid lipsticks – €5- €1.25 each

Huda Beauty Au Naturel mini liquid lipsticks – €37.15 – €9.28 each

First Impression:

The palette has only one matte shade, two glitter shades and the rest are shimmer shadows. I personally prefer to have AT LEAST two matte shadows in a palette. When I use this, I have to dip into other matte shadows from various other palettes, which is just a bit of a hassle. I originally thought it would be a handy size for travelling, and I still do think it is. When your away, you probably won’t be doing any dramatic looks, so this is nice for a bit of colour.

Again, with the liquid lipsticks they would be handy for travelling, as they’re different shades of nudes and quite small. They don’t have any shade names on them, which I find annoying. Pennys lipsticks usually do,

Berry Velvets Eyeshadow Palette

When I applied these on my eyes, there was a lot of fallout, especially from the glitter shades. I have a blog post up, on how to prevent fallout from ruining you makeup. I would make sure that you also have a base on before you apply the shimmer shades, to help them stick better. I did find that the darker shades were a lot more pigmented than the lighter shades. The ‘white’ shade in it, also is duo chrome, not white. I think that it would be better if it was a matte instead.


Shade names from left to right: Peace, Humble, Devotion, Selfish, Sweetness, Crush, Desire, Wild Hearts, Tough Wild

Nude Edit Liquid Lipsticks

I really liked the doe foot applicator on these lipsticks. It made it easier to get precise application without having to use a lip liner. The product itself is very pigmented and I only needed to dip into the bottle once in order to coat all my lip. I only have it on a few hours. The product did wear off in the inside of my lip after I had something to eat. It drys down to a semi-matte finish and I didn’t find it drying on my lips at all.

What Are My Final Thoughts?

I would recommend the eye shadow palette if you were looking for one for holidays. I think if it did happen to go missing while you were away it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I don’t think I would recommend it other than that. There are so many other eyeshadow palettes, that have simpler shade but are much better quality.

I do recommend the liquid lipsticks, I think they are well worth the money. Again there are so many nude lipsticks out now, but if you want a cheap option these lipsticks are the way to go. They aren’t the most long-lasting, so you’ll just have to top it up every few hours.

Would you like to see more reviews in the future? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Insta, you can find the links here.

Slán, Laoise xx

Beauty Tips & Tricks I Swear By

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Hello there,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to check my blog out. I know its been over two weeks since my last post, but trust me I have a reason. I have decided not to have a schedule, but that may change in the future. I just don’t want to feel like I always have to have a post up for a certain time and date. I want to be happy with what I publish and not feel like it would’ve been better, if I had more time.

Photos are also causing a bit of a problem. I’ve never really had a reason to take decent photos of items, but I do now. It’s just going to take me awhile to figure it out that’s all.

Alright now let’s get on with this:

I’m going to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned since I got into makeup. I became interested in it when I was 13. When I was 14 I started wearing it more and became more invested in it. I watched so many YouTube videos and read loads of articles in magazines.  That probably sounds odd to some people, but its the truth. I learned most of what I know today because of YouTube.

I might do a separate post on why I decided to wear makeup and just go into more detail. Let me know in the comments if you think I should.

The skin type I have is oily, especially in my t-zone. The products that I’ve mentioned are ones that work for me and I currently love. They may not work for everybody regardless if you have the same skin type as me, eye shape etc.

  • If you have oily skin or even an oily t-zone, then I highly recommend to use a primer. It creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation. It helps your foundation to also apply better as some primers can become tacky. Primer helps your base makeup last longer too. Some people don’t see the point in it, but I personally do think its important. If you have dry skin  I’d say use a moistening primer and for oily skin use a mattifying one.
  • Do your eyebrows first. Now this really depends how you fill them in. I use a pomade, so I find it easier to do it first before the rest of my makeup. I find it makes doing them less stressful, as if I mess up then I’m not ruining anything else by starting over. When I have them out, it helps the concealer blend in better with the foundation too. I’ve never filled by brows in with a pencil before, but you might be able to get away with doing them at any stage.
  • Have your eye makeup done before your base, or at least your eyeshadow. This prevents any fall out from eyeshadow from sticking to your concealer/foundation and having to remove it. It also makes it easier in case you make a mistake and have to redo it.
  • If you accidentally get mascara anywhere on your face, dont rub it off straight away. It will just smudge and ruin everything. Let it dry and then take a dry and clean mascara wand or a small eye brush and brush  it way. Just be very carefull not to rub too hard or else you could remove the product underneath.
  • Use tape at the sides of your eye to create a cat eye effect. You could also use it to help each become even. You do look a bit mad with it on, but don’t worry it’s not sore to pull off.
  • Under-eye powder. This is another product that some people think is unnecessary like the primer. I do think it is important as your under eyes can crease easily. Using a under-eye powder is much lighter than normal face powder and makes creasing less likely to occur. You could also use a banana powder, which helps to brighten and set you under-eye. Just be careful as there are some out there that do make you look very yellow, so just make sure it suits your skin tone before hand.

I use the yellow shade in the Anastasia Contour Kit in Light to Medium for my under my eyes.

  • Matching your foundation. Finding your perfect shade match, is very difficult. I’ve yet to find one that correctly matches me (granted I’ve tried very few so far). Place some of foundation that look the closest to your shade on the side of your neck, NOT on your face. Your body is always darker than your face, so your aim is to find a foundation that will match your body. The colour that matches you the closet is your foundation shade.
  • I always make sure to blend my foundation down my neck, especially if it’s not my shade. If you don’t it leaves a line all the way around your jaw line. It makes it very obvious that you’re wearing the wrong foundation shade and that you’re wearing foundation.
  • Lipstick mistakes. If you mess up when applying liquid lipsticks, lip liner or lipstick, just use concealer to clean it up. Take a small brush for precise persian and put some over the area to fix up. Make sure that you blend it in afterwards.

Would you be interested in seeing a part two? Let me know in the comments. Dont forget to follow me on Twitter and Insta, you can find the links here

Slán, Laoise xx

My First Blog Post!!

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Hello there,

My name is Laoise and welcome to BlogWithMise.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to check my blog out. This is my first blog and first blog post; as you can tell from the title.

A Bit About Me: 

  • I’m 15 years old, don’t let that put you off my blog.
  • My birthday is the 8th of September.
  • I’m from Ireland- born and raised.
  • I have 1 younger sister, there’s a year and a half between us.
  • I have a dog. Her name is Ivy and she’s a miniature Jack Russel. When people see her for the first time, they often think she’s still a puppy; she’s not, she’s 3.

This is her enjoying the sunny weather☀️ 😂

  • I’m still in school (bet you didn’t see that coming). I just finished my Junior Cert, so I’m starting Transition Year in September.

That’s all I’m going to tell ye for now. I’ll most likely do a Q&A sometime in the future.

Where Did I Get The Idea To Start A Blog?

A couple of years ago, (I think I was 13) my family and I were on holiday. My Dad saw me writing in one of my many notebooks. All of a sudden out of the blue, he suggested I should start a blog. I was very surprised that he thought I should.

It’s been in the back of my mind ever since, just nagging at me to start. I came to the conclusion that I would start one after exams were over in 3rd year. I chose to start it now as I would be able to have time to set it up, and pay attention to it.

Here we are 4 days after I finished my Junior Cert.

I want this to be a space where we can all relax and surround ourselves with positivity. Our own little corner of the internet where we can just be ourselves.

How Did I Come Up With My Name And What Does It Mean?

I know blog names are supposed to be about what people are writing about, but my reason is slightly different.

I knew I wanted to write about my lifestyle and beauty, as they are one of main interests. The name I decided on would suit any topic that I decided to blog about, as I may change my mind in the future. I also wanted to bring ye along for the ride. That’s how BlogWithMise was created.

If you weren’t aware Irish is the language of Ireland, but we all speak English here. There are certain areas of the country that still only speak Irish.

Mise is Irish for Me, which translates to BlogWithMe

I wanted people to be able to realize where I’m from. In case you can’t tell yet I’m a massive supporter of us Irish. #COYBIG

My Followers (yes that’s you!)👋

If you do decide to follow me that would mean the absolute world to me and would really make my day.

I’d love to have a name for all of ye, so if you have any, leave them in the comments down below. I don’t like to think of ye as ‘followers’, more along the lines of friends.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Insta, you find the links here

Slàn, Laoise xx

P.S That’s my first post done, what do you think of it? Would should I write about next?